We warmly invite you to participate in the work of TXUUJM by sharing your time, your talents, and your treasure.

There are many opportunities for involvement. Becoming a Covenanting Congregation is the best way to participate in the work of the TXUUJM. If you are a member of a Covenanting Congregation, contact your TXUUJM Ambassador to get involved.

Regardless of your Congregation’s affiliation, your participation is also welcomed in the following ways:

Sign up to be part of the ministry and its development!

  • Are you willing to be part of a team of leaders to conduct a “Listening Campaign” in your congregation to hear and help define the issues important to our UU families?
  • Are you willing to serve your church as a TXUUJM leader to keep your church members informed on action issues?
  • Are you able to contribute to the TXUUJM semi-annual newsletter, conduct a workshop or forum on the issues identified by the ministry, or help to design curricula on state and local issues for our youth or adults?
  • Are you willing to be part of a team that makes sure your entire congregation is informed on issues, registered to vote, and be part of the TXUUJM voter database?
  • Are you willing to have a training session at your church to learn how to effectively meet with candidates and elected local, state, and federal officials?

We need your help, input, and the support of all of our churches if we are to create a better future for our UU families and all the families of Texas!