Political advertising paid for by the Texas UU Justice Ministry Advocacy Network, a 501(c)4 organization

(This statement should also appear on any printed materials.)

What is a 501(c)4? Read page one of this document we use for guidance HERE.

Contributions from our member congregations ONLY go to our 501(c)3 Educational organization.

This 501(c)4 is funded by individuals and entities interested in participating in the electoral process, with contributions not being tax-deductible.

We are still working on our online donate button. In the meantime…

To invest in our 501(c)4 send a check to:

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry Advocacy Network
P.O. Box 170064
Austin, TX 78717

Write “501(c)4” in the memo.

For the first time in our history TXUUJM is employing our 501(c)4 to recommend candidates to our members!

We urge our members to be engaged in these campaigns on every level they are able and to vote for these candidates.

At the same time we encourage you to do your own inquiry into their platforms and records, and of course to always vote your individual conscience.

We are only making recommendations for state offices in Texas that are considered swing races by political observers and allies.

We vetted the candidates on the issues below nominated by 19 of our TXUUJM member congregations.

Our team is…

Mary Koch, TXUUJM Board member, 1st UU Houston
Robyn Stout, TXUUJM Advisory Council, Northwoods UU, The Woodlands
Bruce Harris, TXUUJM Board member, 1st UU Dallas
Pam Johnson, TXUUJM Advisory Council, Brazos Valley UU, Bryan/College Station
Rev. Chuck Freeman, TXUUJM Executive Director

The TXUUJM Values Voting Recommendations are below.

A downloadable document is below also.



Janet Dudding 14
Sarah DeMerchant 26
Elizabeth Markowitz 28
Travis Bolt 29
Eric Holguin 32
Erin Zwiener 45
Vikki Goodwin 47
James Talarico 52
Keke Williams 54
Angela Brewer 64
Michelle Beckley 65
Sharon Hirsch 66
Lorenzo Sanchez 67
Jeff Whitfield 92
Lydia Bean 93
Alisa Simmons 94
Joe Drago 96
Elizabeth Beck 97
Ana Maria Ramos 102
Thresa Meza 105
Joanna Cattanach 108
Brandy Chambers 112
Rhetta Bowers 113
John Turner 114
Julie Johnson 115
Celina Montoya 121
Natali Hurtado 126
Kayla Alix 129
Gina Calanni 132
Sandra Moore 133
Ann Johnson 134
Jon Rosenthal 135
John Bucy 136
Akilah Bacy 138