Invest Financially In TXUUJM:

Why give to TXUUJM? Most importantly, Texas needs us. Lives are at stake in issues of racial and economic justice, healthcare access, economic justice, voting rights, and so much more.

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry Education Network, 24348 Cherry Spring Dr., San Antonio, TX 78255 

When we founded our non-profit, TXUUJM (Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry), in 2012, our goal was to become a beacon of justice for those making decisions in our state legislature.

At the time, UUs were lamentably unknown in the Capitol. Now we are known, respected and effective in Austin, around the state, and beyond! TXUUJM has cultivated meaningful justice partnerships nationally, statewide, and locally.

TXUUJM member congregations submitted their most pressing Social Justice issues, with the overall consensus resulting in TXUUJM selecting the top 5:

Racial Justice, Environmental Justice, Healthcare Access, Economic Justice, Voting Rights

We need YOUR help to make sure that our voices are heard and acted upon by our elected officials.

Please consider making a monthly sustaining investment to ensure that our UU social justice issues will continue to be an ever-growing focus of our state. Financial investments in TXUUJM are Tax DEDUCTIBLE!

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TXUUJM has been designated a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS, and your contribution is fully deductible as allowed by law and your tax circumstances. You may view or download a copy of the IRS designation letter HERE —  TXUUJM 501c3 Letter (1)

We offer a number of ways for your to fund your contribution, including:

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Debit Card Payment
  • Bank Account Deduction (eCheck, ACH, or other bank debit)
  • PayPal Account Deduction
  • Mail us a paper check

The monthly recurring investment option is especially helpful to TXUUJM as it spreads our income more evenly throughout the year and allow us to budget and plan with greater certainty. Our work and planning really does depend upon you for both volunteer and financial support.

If you’d prefer to send a check, please make it payable to “Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry, Education Network” or simply “TXUUJM” and mail to:

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry Education Network

24348 Cherry Spring Dr.

San Antonio TX 78255 

Other ways to support TXUUJM include:

  • Get your congregation to join TXUUJM by signing the covenant.
  • Get your family members, friends and other associates to contribute to TXUUJM.
  • Encourage your congregation to take up a collection to support TXUUJM.
  • Hold a fundraiser for TXUUJM.
  • Encourage foundations and other organizations that share our values on core issues to support our work on those issues.

Thank you for your continuing support. With your help we’ll continue bending Texas toward justice.