How Can My Congregation Become A Member of TXUUJM?

Currently 28 of our 49 Texas congregations have covenanted with the Justice Ministry and many more are in the process.

* Congregations sign a covenant with TXUUJM and support the Ministry through dues equal to $2 per member. The dues can come from individual memberships, congregational budgets or other fundraising.

* Congregations that covenant with TXUUJM appoint two members to the TXUUJM Advisory Board. The Advisory Board members become ambassadors for TXUUJM for their congregations, listening and keeping them informed of our spiritual activism.

* They work to encourage additional individual memberships in their congregations and agree to help in fundraising so TXUUJM will remain financially healthy.   Advisory Board members take part in a monthly conference call with our Executive Director and chart the course for our legislative/direct action issues.

Here is our TXUUJM Covenant With Congregations – TXUUJMCovenantWithCongregations-7-1